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Implementing a Virtual Mind-Body Prehabilitation Program for Patients Undergoing Thoracic Surgery – A Quality Improvement Project

Open AccessPublished:March 17, 2023DOI:
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      Prehabilitation (prehab) before thoracic surgery has been found to improve outcomes in patients with cancer, however COVID-19 presented challenges to access on-site programs. We describe the development, implementation, and evaluation of a synchronous, virtual mind-body prehab program developed in response to COVID-19.


      Eligible participants were patients seen at a thoracic oncology surgical department of an academic cancer center, >= 18 years of age with a diagnosis of thoracic cancer and referred at least one week before surgery. The program offered two 45-minute pre-operative mind-body fitness classes each week delivered via Zoom. We collected data for referrals, enrollment, participation, and evaluated patient reported satisfaction and experience. We conducted brief semi-structured interviews about participants’ experience.


      Among 278 patients referred, 260 were approached, and of those 197 (76%) patients agreed to participate. Among participants, 140 (71%) attended at least one class, with an average of 11 attendees per class. Majority of participants reported being extremely satisfied (97.8%), extremely likely to recommend the classes to others (91.2%), and indicated that classes were very much helpful in preparing for surgery (90.8%). Patients also reported that the classes helped reduce anxiety/stress (94.2%), fatigue (88.5%), pain (80.7%), and shortness of breath (86.5%). Qualitative data further suggest that the program made participants feel stronger, more connected to their peers, and better prepared for surgery.


      This virtual mind-body prehab program was well-received with high satisfaction and benefits and is highly feasible to implement. This approach may help overcome some of the challenges to in-person participation.

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